[UNOFFICIAL] Punishment Messages!

This is stateview’s UNNOFICIAL messages that you can use when punishing inmates
This topic is officially made by [SI] Toesy_toes300312.

You have been warned by (Username) for (Warning Reason), this is your (1st/2nd/3rd) warning.

Placement in maximum security
You are being placed in maximum security for (Max Security Reason), this is a serious offence, if you feel your punishment is unjustified, please say something in your defence now.

Placement in solitary
You are being placed in solitary confinement for (Severe Reason), if this is repeated further punishments will occur, do you have anything to say?

ATTENTION INMATE! Please prepare for a public execution granted by Mr/Mrs (The person who granted the execution's username), what are your last words?

Reasons you have to use!
Warning Reason(s): Crossing the red line (1x warning), Punching other inmates/officers (2x warning), Attempted punch (1x warning), Assisting in murder/punching others (1x warning), Possession of firearm (2x warning)
Max Security Reason(s): 3 warnings, Murder (Up to 5 people murdered), Attacking a CP+/OC, Severe Trespassing (Near the exit, Very far away from status, On the 2nd floor), Previous criminal.
Solitary/Severe Reason(s): Murder of CP+/OC, 5+ people murdered, Previous criminal and continuing criminal behaviour, placed in max 2 times.

Please note that this is unofficial, but its professional and cool to use!

I really like this! This is a pretty cool thing to do, and would make a decent addition. Adding like a UI to warn someone that would show up when you warn them, or a solitary/maximum security logs.

I know! We should definetly try and get this added into the game.

Pretty good. But I think the cadets won’t stop to get permission.

Executing should not be done without permission so they will get punished for not getting permission for an execution! If someone does it without valid permission, you can report them on the intel discord server.

Being a previous criminal is not a valid reason to put someone in Max.

You don’t need perms from a CP+/OC to use the electric chair, you just need valid reasons.