[UNOFFICIAL] Stateview how to pass the faces section in a training guide

Faces are easy but if you are not attentive, you may easily fail them. So, what should you do? One: Stay very attentive to each command. Always look at the faces at radio channel two. The most important thing you must keep in mind are the tricks. Tricks may include any other face that is not the “center face” being said after a control face. They may also include something like “about turn” or “central face”. In case of these tricks, DO NOT MOVE AT ALL. That is how you can pass faces.

I hope you all liked my advice.
felipeEruimEchato. Stateview prison Superintendent.

It seems you’ve posted some sort of training or shift guide. This is a reminder that this thread is unofficial and no staff should be following this sort of guide. All official guides are located in Staff Information.