Update Donor Perks/Accessories

I’ve put up something about the accessories issue before, and got informed about Donor perks where you can actually put on the accessories you’d like. It’s a good idea, but the issue I have with it is when you either die, reset, or as an inmate get arrested, you have to go and re-equipt all the items you had on. Especially with the amount of abusers in game, its difficult to not get shot or randomly arrested. The entire thing is just exhausting. It already upsets me that we have to buy a gamepass in order to have accessories, only for you to have to re-equipt them after each re-spawn. Im unsure if they have the accessories reset for a reason, but if not, heres my ideas that I would really enjoy!
I think users that have bought Donor perks should be spawned with the accessories they already have on their roblox avatar. Im assuming that part of the reason accessories were removed in the first place was because some of the items were too big and distracting? Again, with the donor perks, it only allows you to only put on certain items like hats and hair, but not waist items. I think the same idea could apply.
My second idea is that you can still go and put on items with the donor perks, but when you reset, you still respawn with the items you had put on before instead of having to go and put them on after each reset.
Heres an example that I’ve actually witnessed in game a few times before: (for example) a bacon has a gun and is killing officers and they happen to get arrested and reset, but you weren’t able to see their username. The issue comes in when there are 10 OTHER bacons with the same face. It gets hard to tell which one had the gun, so you may put an innocent inmate in max while the one with the gun gets off.
Personally, I feel like accessories adds more character and personality to you as the player, and makes the game more enjoyable. This is just my personal experience, so I can’t speak for everyone! This was just an idea.

This is default bea, its hard to change thay

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