Update Lockdown Span Point

Make the spawn point for inmates during a lockdown so that they spawn in a cell. That way we are able to keep control of whats happening during a lockdown. At the moment I’m constantly running between yard and cell block during lockdowns to check for new inmates that have respawned, or joined the game.

Then I would say only DW+ in the control room. I honstly wouldn’t trust a commander or a PI the lockdown if that is placed.

Well at the moment the lockdown is only to be activated by DW+ but COMM+ are allowed in the control room.

I agree, they should spawn in cells but ONLY for people who first join the server or die after they were put there once. Else people would arrest them to teleport. If they are placed in a cell ones, they will always spawn there. Idk if that is possible but if not, status should silently change to cell block so they automatically get spawned there, after LD is over the status from before gets set. Maybe the time wouldnt be correct, so yard would be like maybe 5 mins longer, but this can be easily fixed by just making it so it saves the time a status was on-going every minute and if a LD is triggered, it will save the current time the status was on-going, change to cell block and after that back to the time it was before in the original status. I hope you know what I mean

Yeah i meant something along the lines of this.

So once a lockdown is activated those who join the game or are arrested will then spawn in a cell and then once the lockdown is over they could either be respawned in teh current status otherwise they will be transported by guards to the current status.