Update the rules

The rules on this forum are very outdated and incomplete. For example:

  • https://forum.stateview.io/t/2021-riot-protocol-guide/29 that is the link to the Riot protocol guide. What is the minimum rank that can help at Riot protocols? It does not specify in the guide.
    -2021 Shift Guide that is the link to the Shift guide. What is the minimum rank that can host shifts? It does not specify in the guide.
    -( I wanted to put the link to the post here but I can only put 2 links at a time) Inspection guide is made for V1…
    And there are a lot more examples. Plus, your rules are very hard to figure out. For example, can anyone tell me how can I become CP, except for being active? Like, can I become CP passing shifts? What about Riot protocols? Passing them makes me a CP?
    Your rules really need some improvements.

I feel like they should add a “please close the doors behind you” rule cause some staffs don’t listen to the radio or when we talk to them.

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Hi there!

I would like to thank you for your concern and continued support within Stateview! Based on your recent concern on our current rules, I understand that others not closing the doors can be fairly annoying.

However, this is unlikely that it’ll be implemented into Stateview as not everyone is in the Discord, so it’ll not be read, if you wish to contact me via Discord about this further, please message me on Husky#6656

Staffing Officer

I wasn’t talking about closing the doors, even though this is an issue. I was talking about the rules in general. They are incomplete and hard to figure out. Shorter, a mess. And I gave you some examples. Can you show me where the rules say how I can be CP other than being active (like, can I become CP from shifts, Riot-protocols, or inspections?) I didn’t find this information in the rules. And this is just one example. Now you get me?

Hi! Is it possible to explain how rules are a mess?

I gave you an example. Reply me the rule that says W’s can only become CP by inspections and activity.

Hello, if you think on the rules I made this guide: Game Rules (Explained)

Ik it need to be updated, but I’ll make a new one soon, few rules has been changed & more added after I made this. But this one is better than the official

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That’s a link to a Feature Request, not Game Rules (Explained).

It should be fixed now, however, you can use this link

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To become Cp you need to help in trainings and show activity at shfts and other then pass an inspection a few tips to pass the inspection learn ALL rules learn how to shot from a taser properly
And faces read the rules 1-2times a day and you’ll pass good luck

Is it that hard to follow the date of a forum?
Is you focused on the main topic of the post rather than a particular issue, you would have noticed that the problem was fixed by 4D_X’s new regulations posted here, on forums.