Update to dropped contraband and frisking

Alright, the situation now is that once person gets frisked he just loses it and guards can be killed to drop weapons and other. My suggestion is to add " transporting of the contraband " .
Explanation: Once you frisk and inmate then you get in your inventory item named " contraband " that once you pull it out it will look like a box. Contraband has to be transported to new room called " Storage room " where you may drop the contraband [ It will give you 1 xp for per box to don’t make it too good ] . Once you get killed while having contraband box in your inventory it will drop it and inmates may get the contraband back. [ Per contraband boxes is 2 / 1 ]

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I quiet like this idea, It would add like a good Prison feeling, I feel that this would be a great update!

It’s quite. Yea if they add this feature it’ll look good and maybe make me play the game again, because like, all the features of the 500k update are all small changes.