Updating Uniforms

I think the uniform is wrong. For example the Commander uniform has j believe 3 stripes and a star but the Prison Inspector uniform (which is a higher rank that COMM) only has 2 stripes. I have ideas for uniforms both colours and rank insignias. Just DM me @tom_badman#4427


This is true. Also Cp and FD need there own uniform, maybe different hats for ert team? Maby bring back the medic vest from v1 too.


100% agree, I mean, CP+ can host things, I think they should definetly get their own uniform, and give DW probaly the same uniform as warden, or at least make it white, In the end, it is the “Wardens deputy” The second highest rank possible from just playing.

No, the warden uniform should be esclusive to wardens, as its not fair to wardens, as now double the people would get it, the unifrom is a sign of the highest rank geteble by just playing.

Yea, kinda right, but i still think they should make a uniform special to DW

I very strongly disagree. Please dont.