Upgrade the map so criminals can actually do something when they escaped

If you’ve ever been a criminal you know when you escape there’s nothing to do apart from going back in the prison and helping others to escape, I would like the city to be changed so there’s like a bank or shop or something for the criminals to do when they escape.

Yeah this would be really cool if they did it but they probably won’t for these few months because there probably focusing on the new gun after that period of time a new city update would be coooooool.

Yes i think they need to make the city better by adding banks or businesses where crims could try and raid and maybe there is a prize for competing the mission EG increasing your level experience by 1 and i think the Devs should do this

The City is small on purpose, so crums go back to the prison, the city shouldnt be a place to stay in.

Maybe what you can do is add a jewlery and bank etc and have a police force and a prison force so it’s like a fun RP game .

No, its a PRISON RP not like ER:LC

If lets think realistic, jewlery or bank usually being at center, not near to a prison in real life. And prisons usually being at outer city, not center. Thats why crims base part looking like a small neighborhood. So if they put an jewlery or bank that would be unrealistic for a prison game.

Maybe you can have a robbery and if you rob it successfully you can get more EXP for your level.

Some places in the world do that. They have prisons in the center.

Nah, this game is designed as a Prison Roleplay Game.

Seriously? Thats so dangerous then. :confused:

Thanks for information.

This game is designed around prison roleplay. Criminals are purely to raid the prison. V1 worked fine without criminals at all.