Veteran tag for version 1 users

To the game, add a veteran tag, this would be added under the rank, veteran tag will have every user who has ever played version 1. Why? I did reach my warden rank on version 1, and when version 2 came, it was actually very broken, and almost nobody was playing version 1. So I took a break from stateview. After few months (specifically before 3 days), I did return to stateview, version 2 is much better now, and version 1 was removed. BUT, one thing I hate, is that my levels didn’t add to version 2 too. That means, I am being offended by other lower ranks or even inmates for being a rank buyer. No, I am not a rank buyer, I am just a person who did reach a rank in V1, I was playing the game even before the level system was added, 90% of them respond with “ha good lie”, and that is frustrating. I also think that looking like a rank buyer can lower my chances to become higher ranks, and I find it very unfair, as I am in stateview even longer than some of CACs.


Just make it so we are able to transfer our level from V1 to V2.

Also, I know that most of you probably aren’t V1 users, but try to imagine my situation… Also, if you want proof I am not rank buyer, go on my profile, it is opened to public. There are no gamepasses from stateview.

The level transfer would be close to impossible, but the veteran tag should be easy, as V1 had a “you played” badge, so making a veteran tag would be a really easy update to make.


O yea, and im lucky, i played V1 5 minutes to get a cape in V2, so ill get the tag too! :smiley:

Cape? What cape? I didn’t get any cape or something for playing V1.

If you typed !cape in V1, and payed 400 robux you would get the cape in V2 too.

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You could use datastores I think.

No, as far as I know, datastores are local to the game, the only possible option would possibly be sending data with a teleport (which roblox doesn’t advice) or using badges, but for that everyone would have to join V1 again, and there are quite some people who dont have 800 robux

Again? It can not detect if you have the badge already? (um sorry I actually have no programming experience or knowledge) @Blub20074

Using badgeserice you can detect if a player owns a certain badge in another game.

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Arent there some badges in v1 that you could check for (that were implemented before the game cost money. And i think no cape but maybe a tag next to your name.