VIP server communities

(Before I start, I’d like to state that I’m fully aware others have made topics like this, however, I actually want to hear other people’s feedback on this and see if it’s achievable).

I feel like private servers and very neglected within the Stateview community, especially since it now costs R$100, however, I do think it could serve an amazing role as a place for people to improve on the quality of roleplay.

What I mean by this is that private servers could serve as a place for people to introduce more realistic, interesting and could just be fun. People could make communities for private servers, a bit like games like ER:LC, and other roleplay games. People could introduce more roles, like a visitor role, and change how stateview runs.

The only way for this to be possible is if:
A) People would be willing to partake
B) For (unofficial) Mod’s/Admins to be willing to run these communities.

Additionally, it’d be helpful if private servers granted the owner Admin, so they could give other people Admin/Mod powers (of course only working in the private server) so they could enforce their own rules.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think this is achievable? Let me know in the replies.

If the topics already exist just use those-

No need to make an entire new topic

ERLC has a large enough community
Atm in sv most of the time we already have under 100 players
If u gonna devide that into private serves more it’d ruin sv

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Again, I wanted to go more in-depth and see if it was achievable and didn’t want to revive a whole topic.

How would it ruin sv exactly, however ur point does make sense.

No people in public servers = no new ppl will join = ruined sv

True. I guess it’s out of realtity.