VK system glitched when a CAC+ cancels it

So if CAC+ cancels a VK, all the VKs after that one will be glitched, where you can’t cancel them, and the numbers stay on 1 for yes, and 1 for no.
This is really annoying.

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Yes I have noticed it to it seems a pretty weird bug I can’t think of much to say-

When this happens the vote results are always yes, right? So is it basically that the buttons dont work? I saw this happening a few times and I agree its trash.

Yes, but I didn’t see it in the past few days anymore, seems like they fixed it

Oh, good. This was really annoying.

They weren’t fixed… I saw these still happened yesterday.

Yeah, then it needs a urgent fix as this is really fatal.

Did you check them in-game today yet?

What do you mean with checking them in-game?

You should already know what I mean. Obviously just go and check if the VK system is working properly or not as the 1 yes and 1 no might still appear!

How should i check when there is no CAC canceling a vote???
But yes, this still happens.

What I mean was, check if the votes were still glitched in some servers even if no CAC canceled them.