Vote-kick is like a server ban. | Let Warden+ use vote-kick

Vote-kick is like a server ban because when you get vote-kick the game does not allow you to rejoin the same server. I think Warden+ should have vote-kick because wardens have more experience. Letting Deputy Wardens vote-kick is basically letting Deputy Warden server ban.

-Dd3819 | Warden (W)


I mean, yes but also no, many DWs abuse but not all and there isnt always a warden in the server. Or if there is only one and there are 20 people spawnkilling its too hard for him to kick them all alone. I agree with blubs ideas to make it so DW can only kick and wardens can serverban

I agree with you and blub about the current VK system, but they don’t care. Even Staffing tried to get it reworked to just a normal kick, but it didn’t work. So as of now, vote kick will remain as a server ban even if people don’t like it.