Vote Kick Update Idea

Alright so, I suggest you make it so that the vote kick system is only able to kick members lower than the users rank so they can’t get rid of us HRs and get away with it. I have noticed it happens a lot.


I think thats a good idea like so a Facility Director cant Votekick a BOG for no reason then everyone may think he violated on roblox and will votekick him so yeah

100% agree, also, make voting yes on a false reason a VK warn, 3 VK warns within a week means being suspended from voting in VK’s for 2 weeks (and you cant start one ofcourse).
This would for false REASONS, eg when everything is tags, (last time everything was tags still 10 people voted yes…) if the reason is correct, but the player who is being kicked didn’t do that, nothing would happen, as the voters cant know it

If you’re the one who started a false VK, you still get gbanned

Wellllll. yeah its good i think its ok

Yes, we definitely need this. I am a warden, and one day when i spotted a DW abusing VK, I warned him. But then he just kicked me too.

Please, developers add this.


CAC+ can cancel the vote-kick if they click no twice. (I think.)

-Dd3819 | Warden

I agree, Once i got vote kicked for being afk by a deputy warden. 100% Agreed.

Um you’re not supposed to be AFK


Remove the 30 characters.

i would agree with this idea but they should add let a W+ confirm the vote kick.
Signed 317GoldPowerRanger

I can heavily agree because a Shift was being hosted by a FD and got kicked Totally VKA I don’t remember the user though