Vote kicked for "trespassing" city?

I just got VKed for supposedly “trespassing into city” when I was only on the hill next to city walls. I’m sick of the excuses and I kind of want a reform over this “trespassing into city” reason. This is something I’ve only experienced once, but it still isn’t appropriate for VKing me. Anyone wanna give your thoughts over this?

During a shift I tazed someone on the hill near city, never entered the city, the CP still warned me for this.

As far as i know, there are 2 rules surrounding city;

  1. Dont enter it, (actually going IN the city, not on the hill
  2. Camping just outside of city (eg camping on the hill) but if you see a crim being on the hill, you are allowed to try and get them as far as i know.

I would suggest playing it safe and not going outside of the prison.

Signed, helloo20l - Warden

Yes,Facility personal cannot go to the city,but the ‘limit’ is the gate of the facility.However,people can go a few of steps out but they cant cross the hill or be on the hill.

They can go on the hill if they’re trying to catch a crim, but they can’t just camp there waiting for someone to come out of city