Votekick accept/cancel

I think a votekick cancel should be added in the game as there is many abusers that abuse the votekick I think Facility Director+ or Community Advisory Council+ should be able to cancel votekicks, because trollers votekick players with valid reasons so the people vote yes or no, also CP+ or Warden+ should be able to vote yes or no, since Warden and under can’t see if the player is actually letting prisoners escape, or abusing their cuff’s they just randomly vote yes because the reason was valid!


Yeah, like add a channel with a system to unban people that got vote-kicked or something like that.

100% agree, i think CP+ should be able to undo any votekick.

Then all trollers will probably buy CP+ just to annoy the server which will not help the game but I agree add it to the game

Well cp can just kick so if there were trollers they would kick everyone.

If they do, it would cost them 8.5K robux just to annoy a single server before they are banned.

Why 8,5K robux? I don’t understand that part.

Thats the cost of the cp gamepass

To buy CP, if they were going to abuse it, and get pbanned, 8.5k robux is much

Oh, now I understand. I’m soooo dumb.

discord webhooks that send votekicks to accept or denied would be cool

discord webhooks that send votekicks to accept or denied would be cool

Yea but could take a lot of time until someone looks at it. @nario

this group is overstaffed it has like 300 admins but bit of wait will be (i don’t expect them to be active)

Nah, most people with that much roblox are trying to properly use the rank, and not some little kids who just spent ages to get it. Ofc there are a few trolls as CP buyers, but you wont be seeing them as often as they will most likely get banned

Votekick is kind of unforgiving, because for me, I just got votekicked for Cuff Abusing and Spawncamping. I just joined this game a for no more than a week, so I don’t get how am I cuff abusing outside the Prison, and I didn’t know that small house with a guy passing out guns and keycards was a base as I was stumbled across that guy while walking to the city with a friend. I wouldn’t be making this post if 99% of my time wasn’t spent on seeing 'Error Code: 267" and waiting to be redirected to a different server because the game keeps giving me the server I have been kicked from.

Votekick really needs a system, like some TF2 servers where people can appeal to lift a ban or votekick.

A TEN month revive… Wow…
PLEASE DO NOT revive dead posts, check the date before you reply.

As I said before, yall be saying “use searchbar and use the topics already there” but at the same time say “dont revive dead posts” doesnt add up does it

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Thats why they VKed you, you would now LEARN that the small house is their base so that you wouldn’t do it again

So VK actually makes you learn that you’re not suppose to do that

jerryomgxu - FD

Well if you say so, then I shall accept that. But shouldn’t they be giving warnings just in case? They didn’t even try to contact through the radio that time.

They should but it’s hard bec not a lot of people read through radio