Votekick by a chat command

Hello, our names are Yair and BlueleopardI. I will like to share with you a idea I had. It is that you can votekick abusers off not out of offices but by a chat command. It will help for example with: if someone lets someone out so you need to votekick him fast so he wont let other inmates out, so you can report him fast and not need to run to offices. And another reason it will help is most of the times you forget the abusers username so you cant votekick him and by the time you will votekick him he will leave. Thank you - Idea by Yair and written BlueleopardI.

This is a simple idea that would work although, I personally would not like for this to be implemented as I like to have realistic RP, which would include going to the office for it. Also it doesn’t take much time or effort to just walk over to the offices.

-Warden RaeDaElf

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Yes, but the abusers ruin the Role Play. So we need to get rid of them in the server as fast of possible.