Votekick for DW+ and Cp+

I think that DW+ can only a kick and that CP+ can choose from server ban or a kick. This will combat being vkaed by DW-W and I think it would be more appropriate if CP+ got to server ban.


I agree and i also think co+ should be able to fly and guest+ should no clip :+1:

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Well, it would be very usefull indeed against Deputy Wardens+ who falsely votekick people but if there is an abuser or an exploiter and there is no Chairperson in-game then DW+ couldn’t do anything about the exploiter since he could rejoin at any moment.

So many suggestions about Vote-kicks

I don’t necessarily agree but I do agree about DW’s only getting kicked
But I would change the the CP+ getting Server-ban to W+ getting Server-Bans

Well, I am a Warden myself and I see some other Wardens abuse votekick too. Most of them are just 7 year old kids who asked their dad to stay in game while they go to school. When CP was claimable I even saw some CP’s abuse.

I haven’t seen wardens abuse VK a long time

So I think W have grown up a little bit I think

Can we like, not troll please?

Sorry, I thgouht he was suggesting that dw can kick.

Not a kick a votekick gogimmiemorecharacters!

Ever heard of having over 550 CP’s rn???

skoseck - Chairperson

Best Joke I heard today

skoseck - Chairperson - Appeals Association

Wot It’s true I haven’t seen a lot of W vkaing

Maybe you haven’t…

skoseck - SSI - Appeals Association


Big rip right there

Yes R.I.P. Skosek no longer staff chat king

  1. skoseck*
  2. Staff Chat President*
  3. Indeed R.I.P


But still in Appeals Staff

Question: is this right?

Appeals staff + community management + loa department + events department + All the CoS = IA department?

Uh what

Wot i just thought of that is it true tho?