Votekick reason

I got kicked by some player for No roleplaying i think it’s not valid reason but even if it’s not then everyone voted yes. Username of abuser unknowns by me. Signed by: algirio_2 with rank warden

Break of roleplay is a valid reason, it is like arresting inmates to TP them

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You need to do reports in the intel discord server: Stateview Administration

I wasn’t arresting inmates to teleport them on status. I played normally i cuffed inmates taking to status and other and some DW in HC room that i was in it telled : this is DW room and this is W room. 2 mins later i got votekick for No roleplaying. Username of abuser : unknow for me.

that sucks dude they should add pre-built reasons

NO PLEASE NO PRE BUILD REASONS- The ban/kick panel already has it and its terrible


Omg my display name is unknown I LOL

@Blub20074 Wait, stateview has a kick/ban panel :open_mouth: i thought it only had commands

yea me too im suprise idk why but never seen panel (oh wait it’s panel for high ranks)

It had, but now it’s panel, you want to server ban, nothing is matching so you need to votekick.

It used to only be commands, but no one likes the new panel, its terrible

Can you share a picture of it? And is it the same for all ranks?

We can’t leak CP+ things. [spoiler]plsgivememorecharacters[/spoiler]

Oh, ok. Its not really leaking, its just the panel

I don’t actually know if it’s leaking, but either way, I am banned on roblox for 7 days so yeah.

I’m lucky I was only suspended for two months for a CAC asking me to glitch for him-

Wait what? He asked you to glitch him and you go- Whatever.

Wait what- report that cac then ig?

It was in early V1 where lvls had just came out I think he got suspended and he’s never played again.