Want change vote kick system

votekick system make who get vote kick get kick but when someone votekick player not know real problem it make someone concerned about that problem get kick and it not fair sometime you get kick because you open boombox but they reason is :kill cop : and I get vote kick but I not kill anyone in game I THINK THIS VOTEKICK SYSTEM not effective it best and worst in same time I want they edit this suck votekick system it make someone who don’t do anything get kick when play with his friend. thanks for reads this comment.

just a reminder, killing cops not against to rules if you’re an inmate or criminal. also if you’re a cop already you cant kill your teammate. i mean if someone kicked you for this, thats probably an abusing.

yes I am prisoner but they use very suck reason and kick me I want justice.

Report that VK in the intel server

That is a false votekick and like Blub said it should be reported in intel.