Warden+ Inpsections

Inspections should be for the ranks Warden+. An inspection is the only session where a Warden can be promoted to CP, and it is unfair that lower ranks are allowed to participate, especially since only 3 can pass an inspection. Any rank lower than Warden can easily level up or participate in trainings. Thus, inspections should be for all ranks Warden+, and trainings should be for the ranks Deputy Warden and lower. Ontop of that, there are 273 wardens in the discord server, that’s not even all of the wardens, not including the wardens who are not in the discord.

I dont agree, usally only 1 a warden passes and that DW- are the only ones that can attend trainings is the worst idea of all time, sorry I have to say it like that. Some people dont rank up through inspections but being active and we need these trainings for activity.

I agree, about 90% of the people get CP from getting noticed by a CAC, instead of getting noticed trough an inspection. And the point of inspections are to “inspect” all staff, which includes LRs

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