Warden mini commands

Okay, I think wardens should get some commands to help.

  1. Votekick command (Basically you would either do !votekick or votekick then everything else: Votekick (User) (Reason) Then if it is under the amount of characters needed it doesn’t work. Or there could be a menu
    It would show the vote kick menu like how you would in High command offices yet you just do Votekick or !votekick.
  2. View command (Normal view command… Yet wardens can use it.)
  3. Sit command (Same as before but not view instead Sit.)
  4. Maybe ref (Okay this may be a bit to abusive but maybe wardens could do Ref it could only on a team that is not Inmates so they wouldn’t do it to get out of cuffs, I think it may be okay.)
  5. Staff cuffing (May be to abusive but maybe a warden can use cuffs on staff just incase they do something wrong. Example: A cop goes into the city, they can cuff them. [I know it wasn’t a command but I don’t know, it might be useful]) - Warden Bossspy9
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Use. The. Searchbar. There are so many requests and its dumb. I mean even the governor cant cuff other officers and it will be so abused or what if theres a raid in a small hallway and I want to cuff a crim but accidently cuff a officer. View command can also be abused because you can locate other crims or inmates. Sit command is okay but not needed and the votekick command isnt either. They dont need to add a new admin level, we dont need that. And for res command, that will be abused, even people who bought admin abuse it and when we are talking about gamepass admin, you would get the same commands so it would get useless. This is my opinion on this and im a warden myself so dont think I just dont want others to get commands or something.


Agreed, But it could be a bit abusive, In the future if they add it.

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Too much abuse, i mean cuffing staff is like the best thing trollers could ever do
They should get the normal kick command if they’re lvl 75+, and are in both discord servers, also kicks would have to be logged

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Yeah true for the second one, and now thinking, cuffing is WAY to abusive if anything prob CAC+ maybe PC+

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Agreed. givemoreletterlolssd ess

I think the first 3 would be good for wardens but not the rest. It would be abused to much.