Warden Mod Commands Training Session

Hello, I think Warden needs some admin commands to help them go trough the time with abusive people. I don’t think Warden need most of it but sometimes they do so I think warden also needs a cooldown

**As you may know it’s not good to give everyone admin so it would be fun if you could do a admin session, and only W+ could attent to it.

Warden Admin Suggestions

Sit Commands
Sit commands are not important, that’s why I think warden needs to have acces to use ONLY sit me
So they can’t let others sit. If there is a training and they are going to help HR+ can enable it so they can sit others (Only at faces)

Kick Commands
Sometimes you have a cop helping others escape, you can’t grab them because that person cuffed him. So you have to walk to the votekick system to kick the person. You kicked him but that person is outside prison already.

I think warden needs to has acces with the kick commands. But because there are alot of people that loves abusing I think it needs a cooldown. Around 1/5 minutes cooldown for 1 kick. To make sure they don’t abuse.

(Ban Commands not needed)

Ref Commands

Warden also gets abused when they are inmate, did you ever got sended to max for nothing? Well someone did that to me, so I think Warden+ also needs ref commands against abusive cops.

But like the kick commands they can have a cooldown of 1/5 minutes.

I hope everyone agrees with this! Stay home, stay safe!

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A lot of wardens do abuse still. Kick would not be good. Refresh could also be abused by spamming it.

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Ye true, or maybe a admin session. For only warden!
Let me edit my thing.

No one is allowed to use the ref command on the inmate team, even if they get abused. Ir is considered AA

Yup true, but if they send you to max/solitary for no reason you can use it

Nope, you still can’t. You are only allowed to use sit, jump, pm, kick, ban, and gban on the inmate / criminal team.

Oh, thanks for telling. Have a good day.

I would agree with this if the Warden attends a training to see if they are trustworthy to have admin perms. The training must be hosted by CP+.

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Trainings can only be hosted by a FD+


I agree! Its a good idea I think.

I agree it’s a good idea.I think you should for espicaislly helping in trainings.

A training like that should be hosted by Prison Commissioner+ or Chairwoman/man of the Board.