Warden to Chairperson

Alr, so I’ve been wondering for a while what the requirements are for a Warden to become Chairperson, and I’ve asked a few people but no one responded. I know I can search for it here, but I only see outdated posts about it. Could someone explain it for me?

YaBoyDabi - Warden

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Help in trainings, get HW in shifts, prove that you know what you are doing and just be active in general


So I can’t just attend a training and pass it?

Not to become CP. One you get good stats(helped trainings and HWs) if you pass an inspection you might be promoted, but it’s up to a HR+ to decide if you are ready or not

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Well, sure you can and it will be showing that you care and that you show activity and by that I mean that by passing a training you show that Host/Supervisor that you are well able enough to become a CP.

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Imagine that, there’s be barely any Ws and tons of CPs

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To 8 wardens there
is is one CP.

How do I create my own post?


Hello @KingEman.

In order to make your own post, go into the designated section you want to post in (for example #bug-reports or #feature-requests) and click on the big yellow button at the bottom right of your screen.


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I believe now, this is impossible until you get approval from SVLD+.

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