Wardens can be promoted at trainings

Wardens should be able to be promoted to CP at trainings as inspections are rare and I have a few friends who quit the game because they don’t ever see inspections on the discord server. The trainings for W-CP should be mixed with other ranks but the standards are higher for them as it is an admin rank.

No there is a reason why they make inspections rare because if inspections are not rare then they will have 3.5K wardens getting promoted to CP.CPs won’t be able to meet the quota due to lack of CACs+ to supervise them and there will be no place for CPs to host due to the amount of wardens hosting.CAC+ will be stressed out because of the number of wardens wanting to host a traning plus there will be massive admin abuse.

You just want CP without doing anything, do you not?

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There is already a post about it and evryone here can agree with me, this is one of the worst suggestions ever. I failed one single training in my life and I passed over 20 trainings because theyre way too easy to pass. This would cause mass abuse and reporting somebody could take weeks because the appeals team is small and the system would break. CP is a rank which should be achieved with hard work and you need to be qualified, they cant just give CP to every person. CP would be a rank like warden, everyone has it and its worthless. I dont even think selling the CP gamepass is a good idea.

This is dumb. Sorry if I sound a little toxic be it is. I would be seeing 2k CPs yay.

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This is a stupid idea.

Let’s say that around 10-15 Wardens passed these trainings a day and got CP. We currently have around 150 CP, in a week it would be 250 CP, by a month there would be over 500 CP’s.

Now let’s imagine 500 CP all trying to fill quota for hosting / co-hosting etc and the fact only 4 sessions max can be hosted at any given time. Add onto that the 14 or so CAC who have to supervise these shifts, they would have to be on 24/7 with no breaks.

As well as this, I feel that trainings are very easy to pass, when I was a CO - DW I passed 3 trainings out of 4. Admin abusers can use this as an advantage to pass the training and only to get CP and abuse.

Stateview would become absolute chaos is Warden’s got promoted during trainings. Inspections are hosted once a week for a reason.


The only way to pass an inspection as a warden is already having some activity, its just the notice part

Ranking up to CP by training isn’t a great idea, there’s many reasons “why” it isn’t. But there’s also few good things, but mostly not that worth. Wardens being able to be promoted by trainings, is just the worst idea I ever heard. I know you maybe are warden & want to rankup to CP, because you have been stuck in your rank for ages. Currently we have around 150 CPs in our group, which is more than enough. Could you imagine a group with over 1k HRs? I couldn’t.

Bad things about you suggestion:

  • There would be lack of CAC & above, due to CPs need a supervisor.
  • Most of the people, won’t be active as our current HRs & wouldn’t finish their quota.
  • HRs giving out wrong punishments.
  • Major stress to our departments as most of the HRs will be reported.
  • More than the half of a server would be filled with HRs, which isn’t needed.
  • Makes it easy to get the position, you would only have to know 4 basic questions, which isn’t enough knowledge as a CP.
  • Greater probability, that our HRs is underaged.
  • Most HRs will be Immature, Unprofessional & not knowing our rules.
  • Major Admin Abuse.
  • Mass demotions, suspensions, terminations, blacklists & staff warnings of HRs.
  • Greater probability, that our HRs won’t use grammar.
  • Greater probability, that our HRs let each other & other players abuse.
  • Greater probability, that our HRs will give out false information.
  • Greater probability, that our HRs isn’t in our intel & community sevrer.
  • There would be many random/false kicks & bans, I would more say punishments.
  • We already have inspections wardens can be promoted in.

Well, there’s much more “why” it isn’t a good reason. No, just no.

Good things about your suggestion:

  • Greater probability, that our wardens will attend trainings & shifts.
  • Nothing else

Another good thing would be that Warden’s won’t crowd the host in trainings as they wanna attend and pass but overall the idea of Warden’s getting promoted in trainings is so bad lol.

Signed, SVP FD.

I just think inspections should be hosted more often or there is a aplication from and when you pass you have to read some rules and guidelines and then you will atend a training and if you pass al of the steps you get the rank of CP.

Too easy, inspections are supposed to be rare