Wardens can get promoted to CP In trainings

I was thinking that wardens like me should get promoted in trainings, Like if you do a training it is easy, They are hosted commonly. But inspections are super rare.

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Alright, I’ll just put my opinion as blunt as possible, no because as you said trainings are really easy and if like a ton of wardens go in and they pass and get promoted, they automatically have now ADMIN and it’d just be abused a lot.

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That’s the point- CP is supposed to be hard to get. Not just handed out, thats why inspections are rare. Trainings are way too easy anyway, we can’t hand out ranks that have easily abusable commands. So based on everything i just said. NO. GOD NO.


Maybe it’s not the best idea to make it like that. Wardens have been to tons of trainings–(unless they bought the rank) and passing would be really easy. I’m also a warden, and I have been for like a long time. I agree with how inspections are really rare. They should make it more common so wardens can get promoted more often because the servers should always have an admin to keep things under control.

With this mindset you’re most likely not going to get CP, as as of right now you’re only thinking about you wanting CP and you don’t see how much abuse there would be.

Second of all
Its just a terrible idea

Third of all
Use the search bar

A big big big big NOO. Because if we think there are thousends of wardens they will attend and they will have ADMIN auto so it will make 999.999.999.999 abuse! And this is not a free admin game.

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True. I agree Maybe they should make it more common.

No, inspections are kind of luck based instead of professionalism and activity.

That is not good idea beacuse CP have admin powers. Every warden troll can do AA when he pass training.


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Not more common, they are mainly hosted once a week. If it was more common there would either be more abuse, more reforms or just a stupid amount if Cp’s…

Jesus fucking christ no

wardens should be promoted in trainings but ONLY if they are OUTSTANDING

No, trainings dont show anything abt trustworthyness and activity

Well, no you need to do Inspections+ or something that would get you to CP| Not by regular trainings.

Just NO. If there’s was a different type of sessions for Wardens to get promoted that are a little more frequent than inspections, I’m all in. But trainings? No

Just attended a inspection it the same as a training

In inspections ranks from MO-CP can get promoted

Its trainings ,not shifts,so nope.