Wardens consuming training time

I personally believe that it would be nice for everyone at training if wardens+ weren’t allowed to be trained. They consume time despite them already knowing how to do their job. They consume time, and most of them have terrible aim. Plus since they cannot be promoted, they pretty much just make trainings longer for everyone.

No, most of the time they are the fastest ones, and they like to become better too

I disagree, logging sessions is one of the best way to get noticed and eventually promoted to CP. Personally I loved attending trainings as a Warden because they are way more fun than shifts and it made me really have fun while also grinding xp and increasing the number of patrol logs I had.

andy_roblox3 - Chairperson

Exactly, I got warden at level 42 and barely knew the punishments I should give for different things. Trainings really helped + helped me kinda prepare for inspections.