Warning Logs (Moderation Feature)

Make it so all warns given by admins / W+ are logged and can be accessed by the appeal team for 12 hours after they’ve been given .

I’m tired of getting vote kicked for stuff I didn’t do after recieving no warns.

I don’t get your point, are you talking about verbal warns? This can be easily abused and will be hard to log, also there is something called a ‘staff warn’ that can be issued by CAC+ or FD’s who got perms from a CAC+, in which case yes they are logged in punishment logs that can be accessed by a CP+, three staff warns lead to demotion just in case you were wondering, secondly wardens are not admins.


Well its annoying to get vote kicked for no reason after getting no warns. That’s why i want something like this.

Well I hope you understand all this is going to do is increase abuse, not all wardens or CP’s can be trusted.