Warning System For Warden+

Add a warning system for Warden+ to warn inmates with a system, like if they are fleeing the Warden says /warn (name), then the warning appears on top of the inmate’s head. Staff could be warned too, but only from CPs with the same system. After leaving, the warning resets.
(resets but if they do /warnings (name) they see how many warnings the player has had/have)
Also, make sure this only works on lower ranking than the person warning, we don’t want Wardens going around warning CACs.
IDEA BY: Blablablabal11


Use the search bar and find out that there are already requests like this but in everyone we vame to the conclusion that its not needed and abusable. Lets say a warden warns a random inmate 3 times for a dumb reason, the other wardens will think they need to initiate a votekick. Other problem is that people dont know rules for when to warn someone, we would need more questions in training or they will gove out warnings for dumb reasons. I dont like this idea.

Well if this gets a lot of support in this week I will talk to Staffing HICOMM about making rules, punishment for abuse and any other flaws you guys tend to see in this proposal.

There are rules about that but not everyone follows them, thats why we have 100k abusers.