Warning System for wardens

I think that adding a warning marker would make the game much more easy to staff.
Because when I played as warden there would be a player lets say “bob148” and he is gun abusing so he gets 2 warnings from me before he stops. Then I leave to check on the other parts of the server and a other warden let say “john8u6” john see’s him abusing again and gives 2 more warnings to stop before bob stops.
The problem is bob has not been punished and has gotten 4 warnings That is where my plan helps.
I was thinking wardens could give warnings to players every time they got warned they got a x in bold red to show the warnings on them.
It would have a cool down of 30 seconds and it would say who warned this player to help track any abuse as well.
I thought if its like the vote-kick then it would be very hard to give warnings to players so it would be better if it is like a script for wardens to use on their screen.

Last thing warnings would be not be perm but last 1 hour so as also to stop wardens from abusing it!
leave your thoughts.


Tbh, this would be great, but I hope it will only be local, so others can’t see the warnings you gave to a player, as this would be easily abused.

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its local default but if they get warned all past warnings would show.

Yes this would be good! We need to give warnings that everyone can see!

This is a really good idea and would help alot on big servers with alot of prisoners.

thank you guys for your thoughts i hope a developer reads the channel.