We need a swat team

Add a swat team that responds to requests made by CP+, this will reduce the raids and give guards more control over the inmates. The SWAT team can be an elite division overseen by a chosen HR. There of course will need to be tryouts every now and then. There will need to be a system in place to stop SWAT members from abusing their powers, ect.
Please give me any feedback or comment what you think of the idea.


Its kinda the same as ERT? But if you mean it more like in star wars coruscant, it really wouldn’t fit in a prison game

ERT is the SWAT team. There are no SWAT teams in prisons IRL, however the Emergency Response Team reports to accidents and duties.

Let me introduce you to the Emergency Response Team, they are equipped with a long gun (M4) and a tactical vest!


Face it, out ERT sucks lol
If not swat ERT should become the division and be changed out for a different role

Thats true but I personally believe that our ERT is trash… But yes, I agree that is why I only wish for there to be only one “division” as games like Coruscant and MS wouldn’t fit in a prison game.

Bro, if ERT actually knew how to equip their gun and fucking aim I wouldn’t be requesting this

The ERT Team is available for everyone above rank 4. It’s not just limited to the ERT rank. There’s no point make a whole new team when ERT already exists. It’s a waste of time.

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If you read my replies and do more research on the subject I am arguing for then you can say that. Until then, don’t argue a case you haven’t studied. I am not just asking for a divisional “ERT” but I am asking for ERT to be swapped out for another rank. Heck, ERT doesn’t even need to be a tryout but just limited to people over the level 50 or something. People in Level 4 can abuse easily as they do not know the rules, or at least they don’t demonstrate general knowledge.

We need to make a chat filter for this forum.

I don’t think that is a good idea
Remember roblox chat fliter, that might happen here so no.

There is: â– â– â– â– , â– â– â– â– , â– â– â– , and stuff is being tagged (you wont even see what I mean). There are even words which cannot be used in any way.

1, No
2 We have a ERT team for a reason

Signed Supreme

We technically do already have a swat team

This is should be ERT, but better

could be named riot control unit, like it is a specialized type of ert for riots, they could have another taser type weapon which is the pepper spray, and they have a baton cuz sometimes they need batons when riots happen.

Actualy this is not about a city, the game is about a prison. That’s why prison role-play. And there is the Emergency Respose Team too.

Are you sure this is good idea to add swat teams? The Dev never make that before.

ERT IS RIOT CONTROL WYM. Emergency (riot is emergency) response (responds to raids also Irl) team.