We need to talk about a system where if you log/leave, you get put in maximum

So, if you are in handcuffs and you decide to leave, they should be teamed to maximum security for 5 minutes.

It makes sense because it encourages rule breakers not to log or leave.
CAC could like use a command like Team player maximum 5 minutes logging/leaving or something like that and if they decide to leave they cannot avoid it until the five minutes is over. It’s needed in my opinion.


this is a awesome idea, and maybe make a log where it logs people who leave the server.


This is an awesome idea but if someone was transporting then going to be AFK then they leave. Maybe they’ll get confused as they never got put in.

Great idea! I wonder how the developers didnt implement it yet.

I thought this was already a thing?

OH HELL NO. Say you were about to leave and then some random CO cuffs you for no reason. And you don’t realise because you’re in the menu to leave. Abusers(Sometimes CO) will not uncuff.
I would not want to have this rule.
The rules exists except it only applies to players who leave & rejoin.
And people who complain that I’m reviving.

  1. revive bruh
  2. this is already a thing, you get put in maximum leaving while in cuffs


Update to this post: the rules and regulations have been updated lately to fix the issue of people leaving while in handcuffs.