Weapon gamepasses rework

Instead of having weapons removed from people instantly after you die, respawn, change teams, get arrested etc. Why not have a 1 minute cooldown to get these weapons back. Even though raiding was a huge problem before the update, this would please both parties. It would be more fair to the people who bought the weapons and staff won’t complain too much about the raiding. I think that it is fair to add a cooldown that is 1-2 minutes long. Because to me, it really seems that only 1 party is being pleased here and it is unfair. So, this will be fair to the interests of both parties.

Credit to Tapu_Whenua for the idea


Good idea niceblue92163 approved

thanks for approving what does everyone else think?

I agree. A minute cooldown would be better than temporary weapons.

Agreed, RIP those perma guns :belgium:

100% agreed.

I do not have an m4a1 Gamepass but I agree.

Really? Death post? How. This feature is back. I didn’t saw date lol. WHY IS THIS DED. Or maybe… Maybe we can discuss about it.

I agree it needs a fix, idk if this fixed yet tho.