Weird prison inspectors (PI)

1:rarity of met PI.:
Probably,i’m very rare see a PI, only CO,ert,comm.
2: If i see a PI on public server,they trying to be serriously and do not abuse.
3: PI are always have basic admin gamepass.
I’n thinking they are weirdest players…
robert589602-Emergency Response Team Commandeer.

Uh, how does this help? Like it’s you talking about your opinion on Pi, at least join the dizzy server and talk about it there, not here

It helps with the fact that he shows his opinion about PI’s being SUS and them having to be banned for life for reason “SUS” by a random Facility Director that joins the game just because he wants to simp for some High Command female player!

Oh ok now I understand thx

They really s u s,too much rp,always have admin gamepass

Agreed If your a PI you should be sent to the shadowrealm

why peoples starting to revive my posts?

I don’t know. Maybe it have still 1 HP?

Nah. When it is still alive then it Has 0.0000000000001 HP. Shortly: it is DED.