What are your thoughts on the upcoming new session?

So, there will be a new session very soon out, which can be hosted by CP+, with FD+ supervision probably because leadership wants us to suffer.
[spoiler]THIS IS A JOKE I am not saying CP don’t need supervisors they should have supervisors.[/spoiler]
What do you think the session will be? I honestly can’t think of anything. My guess is that it will be a rip-off of a Shift or a smaller Training with the purpose of preparing people for ACTUAL promotional Trainings.

After the session comes out, what do you believe will happen?

  • Pretty much that. A new decent session, more variety.
  • The new session will be terrible and get removed.
  • The new session will be amazing and get removed.
  • The new session will be terrible and will stay.
  • OMG stop why is this session everywhere now STOP!

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If it is a smaller training my opinion make it so W with a level higher than 200 can Co-Host and if you do that (probably won’t) give them a cmd that lets them view the format in game.

Tbh, i think it will be removed just like the physical and other training (forgot the name)

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I think it was called Combat Training.

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