What do you guys think about the new update?

What do you guys prefer, the new update or the old version?

  • Old version
  • New update
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So the update is back again after being reverted some time ago.
It’s still a bit bad in my opinion,

Here are my issue's with it:
  • Weird walking
  • No radio channels
  • I can’t cuff anyone as HC (This was added to the original update which was good but they removed it)

What do you guys think of the new update?

Btw still respect to the developers for the development! They worked hard on it and it’s not that bad.

Prefer the old version, I would just like the new version to have radio channels, not just one
Also I need the walking to be back to the old version, way too weird

The new update is ok, but my cam jiggles to much when I walk/run and now I can’t even use any controls ( from control room and votekick controls) and it’s very difficult cuz a lot of comm- starts messing with the controls by turning on ld for no reason and closing the doors and I can’t even stop that, and when I warn them for abusing multiple times, I can’t even kick them.

Guessing you’re on mobile, well the camera shaking thing is done on purpose and the CR and VK thing being inaccessible on mobile I don’t really have much to say bout that bit

Now dw+ on moble = co or something like that, we can’t even turn off LD ;-;
We are just like :woman_standing::person_standing:there

I think it’s bad because its literally a minor update and they said it was a major update

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Horrible, they still haven’t fixed the rain in the SR. This is absolutely ludicrous and paints a terrible picture of the roleplay community.

I am kidding obviously. I haven’t played it a lot but so far I have no major problems with it. The game is slightly laggier and the camera movements are a bit annoying but it is something we will get used to. The new communications screen is pretty… weird? It’s not bad, but the white transparent and the blue transparent ones we used to have were so much better. I don’t consider this update frustrating, disappointing or horrible. Just… pointless.


I’m not really sure what ‘big’ updates they made.

just one word: lag

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Wait they removed level claiming?

I don’t like the new update. It makes inmates overpowered, as if one inmate has a gun, they can kill a cop and another inmate will have a gun AND keycard too. I love the tasks though. They give people motivation to play the game instead of standing around waiting for a shift or something.

Where does it say that?

It doesn’t but I don’t see a level claiming gui.

Theres still lvl claiming, you just have to click onto the shop and theres the lvl claiming system

As it was said by 4D himself, to avoid people AFK Farming now the XP goes 4 times slower!

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