What happened to stateview academy?

When I was on vacation, stateview acedamy for CP+ was announced. Since then, nothing really happened. Did the project just die ir did I miss something? I think everybody completely forgot about this.

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I don’t know any new updates because i got banned from discord for a false reason. (I need to wait 1 week to appeal again).

@dylannn.exe - Warden

If youre appeal got denied it wasnt a false reason.

Ah yes, that thing.

I honestly have no idea, if anybody has. I haven’t seen a single such session.

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Bruh i am not underage and it is 100% false.

Make a picture where you can clearly see your age, like your passport or something.

I am not giving out real information just for a game.

Yeah, thats the thing. Nobody will do that. If you dont have good proof moderation cant do anything. You can give out any proof, for example, my birthday is in my name.

They also might accept it if you go in a vc

What do you mean @Blub20074.

I hate the 30 characters.

If you talk in a vc, they can kinda hear how old ur

My second appeal got accepted, i got unbanned, but i can’t verify my phone number.

Thats a discord thing then, no idea how to fix that :man_shrugging:

At least i can help in trainings and look at sessions now.