What is the Overseer Command rank?

I only noticed this rank recently, I did not find it in any list. Is it new or part of the SVL of some sorts?

It’s a Department.


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its a department, they got black suits and their own team in game. they get a glock 43, m16, baton, awp, cuffs (and the ability to cuff and fire staff members), taser, shield and a nerve agent grenade

That’s insane. Probably has to be for really high ranks tho.

@racnon_277 I think Its RI+ but im not sure

There isn’t really a rank requirement, but you need to be chosen by leadership.

Oh, cool so equal 0% chance of getting picked for everyone! :smiley:

Kinda, but it’s possible you just need to play a decent bit and get noticed.

What? No clue where you getting your info from but that isn’t how handpicks work.
Leadership doesn’t get to choose who is handpicked for a department unless they an exec.
Handpicks are chosen by departmental HC and admin.

Oh, my bad :disappointed:.


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You can always buy the department.

True, but it can be expensive.

not a rank but its free guns so uh

Nah you’re good


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