What kind of sessions would you like to be added into stateview?

Ideas would be gladly appreciated and will be reviewed.

Please suggest any ideas you have and if it’s good enough the idea will be possibly put into work and will possibly be made into a new session.


waves 4, 5, and 6 in an RPC. If in wave 3 the crim leader gets arrested you enter wave 4. In wave 4 the criminals must break out the criminal leader. In wave 5 the staff must plan an attack on the city, the criminals plan a deffense. In wave 6 the staff raid the city and attempt to take the criminal leader.

criminals during this session would have their own arrest tool called “hostage” or something like that. This tool would only be granted during these circumstances with a wave 4, 5, 6 in an RPC.
This way they could take the staff leader hostage to win. This would be spawned in by CAC+ Or given via a RPC command.

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I want to suggest session, which can be hosted by CP+. CP would need FD+ supervisior to do this.
This would be for CO-W. In this session we would give tips to them and teach new players how to play. In this session we would tell some important rules, and what to do in some situtations. Also we would train some things like Aim and knowledge of SVP basic things!
I forgot all the other ideas, breh.

Also some session for CP+ which would be like shift and car racing, and some tests. It would be like competition.

Signed - TheGamer08/Henkka1981 ChairPerson
Please say what you think about this and also if you have some ideas!

Uh that first idea is just a training, thats it really. A race would be interesting but i dont see how it would be useful at all like other sessions.

I think a session that should be added is a Tool training How it works is You will be trained and Asked how each tool works and it uses

No. Maybe they could implement possibly more questions about tools to the questions phase but this isnt worth its own session

Agreed, But What questions could they ask

In the mean time i also have another training idea where 1 person is randomly selected from the server to try and host something Like a shift or training No Promotions whatsoever Bu It would be call a Trainings Training and there could be a new level system call Session rank and the better you were from a new box that could be accessed by clicking your host the better review the better rank the worse review worse rank i may be something moderation would put in to game Rank Required is: CP+

RPCs would be too long so maybe make this like a different session altogether, but good idea!!