What level are you?

What is your current level in SV. Mine is currently 111.
More characters. …

Please leave your level.

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865423… Jk, 200 + X | Idk what is my level but it’s over 200

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My level is currently 50.
huge6660 - Superintendent.

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My Level is 50 and my rank is Superintendent.

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I’m 269 and I’m a SI.

I am level 78 and I am a wardian
Don’t feel bad for being low level, we were all in those ranges

I’m level 9. Seeing that everyone else in this topic is at least level 50 makes me feel behind…


I’m level 30, but I’m a SI… wow this feels awkward.

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Across stateviews I’m around level 300

I’m level 134 and I’m an SI

I’m level 280.

Right now 2023-12-02T23:00:00Z im level 104.
My current rank at SV is Chairperson.