What makes a dead post a dead post?


I’m sure we all know what the definition of a “dead post” is. We see it all the time! People replying to things from June of 2022… etc! But I am curious about 1 thing. What exactly makes a dead post a dead post? How long does it have to be sitting in a pit of darkness for it to be reviving a dead post if someone replies?

I know my personal opinion is if something is over a month old since the last reply/original post, I consider it a “dead post,” and when people reply I usually lecture them about not reviving dead posts, but I’m wondering what YOUR opinion is. What makes a dead post a dead post?

Leave your opinions below!

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Hm, I’d say posts like this one that have absolutely nothing to do with Stateview, also if a post has barely and relevancy to a subject within Stateview worth talking about.

Makes sense, thanks for your opinion.

Tbh posts are dead if:

  • The last reply was over 3-4 weeks ago
  • It’s not related in any way to stateview or the forums
  • If the topic is outdated (For example if someone suggested something and it was implemented, your opinion isn’t needed and you shouldn’t reply to the suggestion as it is outdated and already implemented.)