What rank do you need to cuff Officers?

I’m pretty sure there’s a specific rank where you can cuff people that are like SI and under, but I’m not sure what the rank is. Can anyone tell me?

Only the members of the overseer command department, and High Ranks (CAC+) and above have cuffs that allows them to cuff other officers (any rank).

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CAC+ if you are talking about ranks. However, an OC also can, which means that, technically, a CaO could cuff LRs and MRs. This brings us to my second point: An OC can only cuff inmates, criminals, LRs, and MRs, whilst a CAC+ can cuff anyone.

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Also, this is not actually rank based, it’s team based.

The OC team can cuff staff, ert, inmate and crims.

Anyone in the High Command team, wich is accessible as CAC+, can cuff everyone