What ranks (should) get

Correctional Officer: same
Medical Officer: same
Emergency Response Team: Give them something a little less powerful than M4A1
Commander: same
Prison Inspector: I think they should have a bit more respect somehow
Deputy Warden: Shouldn’t be able to votekick.
Warden: Commands such as “view”, “unview”, pm and have a votekick command that opens the votekick menu.

Signed, helloo20l - Warden

I agree. Many ERT abuse the M481. I also agree with the PI thing. Although we get new uniforms, we don’t get anything else. Maybe we could get them the ability to warn? I definitely agree with the warden perks.

Any rank can warn a lower rank, and DW+ doesn’t even have a proper warning feature.

I would be on a 50/50 for the ERT part. I see a lot of abuse by ERT revolving the M4A1. The PI part is definitely reasonable.

Im gonna have to agree, I do see alot of DW’s Vote kick abusing alot

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No to everything except DW not being able to votekick