Whats the best way to get premoted to CP

I been trying to get cp by going to shifts and training and been active a lot and been trying so hard and im over 100+ been playing a lot and i keep playing and playing a lot and haven’t got notice…
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You can’t just expect to be noticed, if a CAC+ Notices you in game a lot and they see good activity within sessions and in game you will get promoted.

Getting promoted cant just happen over a few days, it takes weeks to months.

Kind of wasting your time asking here since you can always ask in game, but sure I can tell you the requirements to get the rank Chairperson (CP)!
-Using grammar and being respectful to others

-Being active, joining Shifts and helping out in Trainings

-Doing Patrol Logs, click here → Discord ← to submit your patrol logs.

-Be in both of the Discord servers:


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I hope this helps.

Rip patrol logs, you will never be fogetten :pensive: : :candle:

Thank you very much for that dude and yea im already in both servers
Signed 317GoldPowerRanger