When you report

In this forum, you’ll find some requirements to appeal & report. You’ll also find information about “how” to do it. So here is few steps & requirements “how” to appeal & report.

When you Report in-game offences:

  • Join our administration/intel discord server.
  • Verify yourself, by typing !verify or !getroles in #commands in our intel server.
  • Make sure you have clear proof of their action & you must know their username. If you don’t have these things, you may not report & you may stop the process now.
  • Create a report by going to #game-reports & react with the :envelope_with_arrow: emoji.
  • Make sure you post your report, with the format in your report…

Their Username:
The ROBLOX username of the person you report (Important)
Their Rank:
The Stateview ROBLOX group rank, of the user you report. (Less Important)
Why you are reporting? (Important)
Proof of their actions (Important)

  • You may not make more than 3 reports in a single ticket.
  • Wait for a appeal staff to review it, be patience & do not ping any staff.
  • Wait for the result of your ticket.

When you appeal will come soon.

valdemarcrafter - Appeal Staff & Facility Director