Why are Superintendents being ignored by lower ranks?

When playing Stateview Prison, most of the time, I meet people who are breaking rules and/or abusing some features. As an SV Superintendent, I try to make them stop breaking rules or abuse, but they just don’t listen. And they force me to either modcall or report them. The same probably has happened to other Superintendents in the game. I think something must be done to stop this mess.

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Most Low Ranks, or generally younger kids have to see that their warnings, or threats actually CAN give consequences, which is why they have no respect for SI’s. I hope this helped. You can always call a moderator, if you need help.


I know, that’s just out of world!

SI just doesn’t have power in SV. Since they are unable to issue punishments by themselves or even host sessions, there is no reason to really listen to a SI unless they are part of a department.


Because most lower ranks are new and don’t know the rank structures, also most SI bought their rank and it’s hard to just take orders from someone who probably paid for their rank.

I feel like there are other ranks below that have different names that sound more important (like “Prison Inspector”) and they think that they’re higher than SI.

Superintendents don’t get any real extra power. Other than a cool title, they really can’t do anything, and lower ranks know this.


Fr. Ong. Confirmed. Verified. Certified. Established.


SI’s have 0 power, though most think that they’re the ■■■■ because they get a white uniform


So many SI so they ingnore us

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