Why CPs should have a little admin

About me:
I am a CP and work for the appeals department.

I have gotten HR admin for a day and used it for good. What I mean is I used view (User abusing) and started recording. I pmed the abuser saying “What is happing?” And he replayed “The inmate is saying some bad words.” I looked at the inmate and saw that he was bypassing the chat. The other CPs were calling for mods with their newly gotten HR commands. When I had all the information I needed to report the user the server restarted and I didn’t have the HR commands. All the CPs were using the HR commands for good, not bad. I have never seen a CP ban or kick some on at all. All the CPs were using it for good.
In conclusion, all CPs need admin. Not HR admin abut admin like pm, view, sit and etc. Maybe kick. The reason CPs need commands is so they can report players, talk to the host/co-hosts and sit down for a picture. Thats why CPs need a little admin.

By CP Morebluepro.

P.S. To all the high ranks please give CPs some admin!


it got removed because cp was on sale but its not now sooooo

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just buy gamepass admin!!!111!!!

Just wait a bit :wink:
… … … . . . . . .

We got Quota… Thats not fun… Why should I wait… Jk I will wait!

I am too poor thats why I got CP! And no!

There are cps who use admin properly, of course, however we currently have ober 800 cps. Just imagine the poor hrs having to punish everyone of them when they do a mistake. Those mistakes even happen to fds and sometimes cac+ now just imagine this just with a much higher amount of people having to be punished. Its just a lot of work

There are actually many aspects to be taken into account before we start opening up to the idea of CPs having admin again. Although, with CPs hosting shifts, having a little admin would have some benefit. I also ask to keep in mind the HR+ that would be punishing people around the clock for Admin Abuse (AA). Not only that, but remember that due to the gamepass, there will have been rank buyers, who bought the rank to have fun, not necessarily follow rules. So, the levels of AA, would be pretty high. Also, CP is a rank where people learn to host for the first time, with shifts. If admin was included, they would not need a supervisor, this would be flawed in many ways. They need a supervisor for the simple reason of the supervisor having more knowledge, experience and ability, as the CPs are learning. I think a supervisor would be necessary, and that would require them having admin and not the CPs. If CPs desire basic admin commands, it is available in store for them to purchase at their own will, which would be more suitable for this rank.

Stop with this useless power grab. No one cares and we can all tell that you only want CP admin because your current rank is CP… Also, giving CP any kind of admin serves no benefit to the HRs and only makes SV more prone to corruption and admin abuse.

doesnt work every command works except view pm 2 of the most popular commands on gamepass admin so i dont reccomend byuing it