Why fewer people are playing as inmates. (and how we can fix this)

Why fewer people are playing as inmates.

  1. Lack of interest. More people are not playing as inmates because why should they? After all, as an inmate, all you do is get abused by officers. We can combat this by giving Quarter more XP if you play as an inmate.

  2. As there is a surge of COs there are more people who don’t care AT ALL for the rules and do not bother reading them! We can combat this by making the application process harder (explained in one of my other posts here: Make Stateview more realistic! ) and we can make it, so that at the end of the questions it brings up all the rules and in order to submit your application, you check a box that says, you understand the rules and know that you can be kicked/banned for not following them. One final thing we could do is REMOVE guns from COs.

Signed, helloo20l - Warden


I know it sounds like I’m just attacking COs. I’m just really frustrated that COs abuse so much, turning Stateview into a game of telling LRs to stop abusing rather than RP.

I agree about removing guns from COs, bit inmates are still common from the influx of new players and the few people who have bought a perm gun gamepass.

Or maybe make it so COs can only shoot or cuff inmates who have pulled a gun or passed a red line.

I agree. But still, there are fewer people playing as inmates since sebee started making videos (because he abused so much, everyone wanted to abuse).

SIgned, helloo20l - Warden

Ummm, no.

There are already specific rules stating this. You can find a summary of them at the staff spawns, or in the main cell block.

People will just afk grind to higher levels faster.

Yes, but make it so they actually can’t do so, as this would prevent abuse.

20 minute afk timer.

Signed, helloo20l - Warden