Why got you sent to jail? Please answer

So as some of you know, when we start playing SVP, we just started from prison. So my suggest is to add some little story about that, why did you got sent into prison. And you have to do something like walk before you go to prison and do things like you robbed a bank or smth.
Write down your opinion!

Signed - Henkka1981 - CP


Jonah2147 - Facility Director.

No ok but seriously that would be too much work for devs they have enough to do. It wouldnjust be annoying when you load in having to look at that

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Some prisoners has asked this question fromm me. “Why am i at jail?” and “What did i do?”.

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Make sth up like you run a red light and caused the white house to be set on fire like that or sth. Lol.

Or then be terrorist XD

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Tell them to make up a reason, when people used to actually roleplay i would see tons of backstorys

The reason why I got into the jails is that I ran a red light that I wasn’t supposed to and a cop caught me doing that. I asked the officer if there was a problem, and he arrested me, and court sentenced me to 10 years of SVP. I don’t remember that day anymore…


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I got imprisoned for hate speecj on yoghurt. I was sentemced to lifetime SVCF and yoghurt propaganda.

I did a bad, i- i ate a hotdog on stateview grounds


Why isnt there blurred anymore ane why is this body “incomplete”

I get that too, and i know eating hotdogs is wrong, but izzy just looked so tasty in that moment and i- i just took a bite.

I think Frankie already said something about a “civilian team”. But for the roleplay purposes, There’s no need for that, as they can just make up a reason for roleplaying purposes.

I got sent to jail for answering this question.