Why Standing With Your Back Flush Against the Wall is Smart

If you see an inmate with a cape, chances are they have permemant guns.

That’s what I kept telling myself after said caper wiped me.

Radio was pinging off. A peaceful shift was turning into a raid.

“I got him! Caped inmate in solitary.”

Good news. But, as I let myself back into the cell block, another radio came in.

"There’s an inmate on the loose–

Just confirmed he has permanent guns."

Just in time for the caped inmate to spawn back into CB. The guard beside me is shaking.

We’re a small team of five staff without a warden. It would only take a little push to send us off the map, so I watch caper carefully.

Over the radio, we’re getting a description of the missing inmate.

I’m busy responding and fail to mark a spiky, brown-haired inmate approach my partner and ask,

“Wanna see something cool?”

Caper is right in front of me, who can tell we’re watching him a bit too carefully.

I try to play it off.


This whole time, I’m 2 meters away from the wall.

The rest of the team comes filing back into the CB, and I relax a little, to my utter demise 30 seconds later.

Regarding the missing inmate, I radio, “I’ll keep an eye open–”

Just as the spiky, brown-haired inmate snuck behind me with an M4, taking advantage of those 2 meters of space. I’m wiped before I can even press ‘Space’.

But before I get the chance to report, the ERT room is filled with 1, 2… 5. The whole team.


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#dramatic storytelling

That’s why I don’t use my damn cape these kids either surround me like I am an admin or something or random cuff and frisk me because of my high level

Oof. That’s valid.

Don’t get me wrong, I like capes. But something about them definitely says “am not a noob, beware.” :smiley:

cuffing and killing inmates for having a cape is abuse lmao

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I know right I will just be walking around and this kid says “He has a high level most likely guns” then I get frisked like who the hell taught you that.

I agree 100%. Our caper, however, was armed and dangerous. The story takes place after the caped inmate shot me. No compliant inmates were harmed. :relieved:

Yea basically everyone does this when they’re afk

I didn’t realize I needed a solution, but you’ve summed it up in less than 10 words exactly how it is. :clap::clap: