Why Wardens should get admin

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I think Wardens should get some commands like view and unview and !votekick for multiple reasons. I think Wardens should get !votekick command to open votekick menu because sometimes basic admin people respawn you while your about to votekick. My second reason is that Wardens should get view and unview commands because we need proof that someone is abusing, and it is hard to get proof discreetly.

Signed, helloo20l - Warden


100% agree on this, with 2 things; make it so you cant VK higher ranks and that its a kick, not a serverban. Also remove VK from DWs. And they could also have the pm command.


Yes, I forgot about the pm command. I also agree with removing votekick from DWs, because some of them just votekick if someone literally just annoyed them.

Signed, helloo20l - Warden

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there would be to much abuse with kick ect and staff would be overloaded with abuse reports
i agree wardens should get some commands but not near the level of a cp+

it would be better if the wardens just got the view command so they can find the server abusers and would make getting reportable data more easy to get.

tigertanktwo warden

I agree with the vote-kick commands, I am not sure about the view command, since wardens may abuse it to catch criminals, but it really is hard to get proof, especially when someone is in the city, but I am still a bit skeptical, about PM, yes I agree, PM might be useful. But yes, it will make the admin gamepass kind of useless, so I am not sure. Not a bad idea though.

-coolgsvirk1, Warden

I disagree. I think DW should be able to VK. There are rarely any W+ in servers so DWs have to replace them.

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DWs abuse VK really often, they just shouldn’t be allowed too, and its just way better to report someone then VKing them

ehh view always feels like a COSMETIC not benefit ehhhh

It kind of defeats the whole purpose of CP+. Since they will have abilities to Kick, and Server Ban. Also, there will be many abusers, due to the amount of Wardens. So, I disagree.

In my opinion, I agree but there are advantages and disadvantages,

Advantages : The responsible wardens can do their jobs easily without any problem

Disadvantages: The irresponsible ones can abuse the power they have because of the admin commands and will potentially ruin other players experience in the process

So if they want to add this they are ready to add more strict rules.

Why do you want to use the word small child​:rofl::rofl::rofl:

This is good but we have lots or underage wardens and there are not even in the discord do it really no ping for warden getting admin

I think it should only be the wardens that can pass a quiz (quiz to see that that person can handle admins)

-warden of StateView/ beautiful_damn

Great idea but maybe we should start with CPs getting their commands back (I know I posted this a lot later but who cares)

Well AA is a big problem to avoid this let’s just give them srlock PM View announce

What would be the point of FD and CP then? Those admin privileges would have to be earned I recently reported a DW for using the view command on inmates and criminals to catch them.
This would increase abuse knowing the majority of Serious abuse comes from DW-W

Also, it is not entirely a wardens’ job to hold even minor administration in the facility a CPs job is to make sure everyone is following the rules and to assist other players and officers. While this is partially listed for wardens it is not their job to do that.

Linked: Official Chain Of Command

If this post is true, then we will have many abusers.